Save Time and Aggravation by Hiring the Right Contractor

ContractorMost of us have shared contractor horror stories. It’s unfortunate because there are so many contractors who do great work, and they get lumped together with the shady characters.

While contractors should accept their fair share of responsibility for these horror stories, we as consumers need to do a better job of evaluating contractors and separating the good from the bad. As home improvement season gets underway, use these tips and avoid a new nightmare. Continue reading

How Unprepared Are Small Businesses for Tax Season? These Stats May Blow Your Mind.

I recently hired someone to help me manage my finances. Accounts payable and receivable, business expenses, bank accounts, tax information – it just became too much for me to handle myself. Yes, it was difficult to give someone else access to this information, but everything is much more organized and efficient now.

And after reading about this survey, I’m so glad I took that leap of faith. Continue reading

How to Create a To-Do List that Actually Gets Done

Benjamin Franklin was known for creating lists with a goal of improving himself. He would create elaborate 13-week plans and use a chart to track his progress. He followed rigid daily routines that covered everything from sleeping and eating to identifying what good thing he accomplished each day.

About 100 years ago, Charles Schwab instituted a policy that required each employee in his steel company to write down and prioritize six tasks each day. This exercise led to a significant boost in productivity. Continue reading

Ideas You Never Thought of to Help You Plan a Wedding in Four Months

The DressLast month, I went to my cousin’s wedding in Philadelphia. She planned the wedding in about four months. Even when you have a year or more to plan a wedding, there’s something you have to do every week leading up to the big day.

Imagine the chaos of condensing all of the tasks, errands, phone calls and research into about 16 weeks! As someone who specializes in planning special events, I could relate to both the stress and anxiety of the planning, and the joy and elation of seeing all of that hard work pay off. Continue reading

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Tasks that Small Business Owners Want Off Their Plates – Survey Results Are In!

What do you want off your plate?A recent survey from Office Max revealed that small business owners want to spend an additional three hours per week on strategic initiatives that will help grow their companies.

One problem – they don’t have enough time.

The biggest obstacles? Administrative tasks that take up about four hours each week. Over the course of a year, small business owners in this country are wasting a total of more than 4 billion hours on tasks that don’t help them grow or make more money.

Continue reading

How Cloud Computing Can Save Small Businesses Time and Money

Cloud ComputingAs small business owners, we wear dozens of hats. One particular hat that most of us hate to wear – and aren’t qualified to wear – is the hat of an IT manager. This is the person we call when our computer freezes, something won’t print, or we can’t connect to the business network.

Most of us can’t afford an in-house IT manager, so the person who knows the most about computers is charged with the daunting task of keeping the network running smoothly, protecting sensitive data, maintaining network security, updating software and applications, and putting out fires.

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5 Productivity Apps that Can Help You Get More Done

Do more with less. Do it faster and better. Every business organization and individual on the planet is under constant pressure to accomplish these things.

It may sound like corporate-speak, but who among us wouldn’t be happier if we could be more productive and save time and money without really working any harder? Continue reading